Public Outreach

Public Information Meetings

Two sets of public information meetings are held at locations within the project study area prior to the formal public hearings on the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS). These meetings occur at the first two project milestones.

The first set of meetings was at the purpose and need/preliminary alternatives milestone. The second set was at the end of the preliminary alternatives screening process, when some alternatives were eliminated from detailed study and others were carried forward.

The second public information meetings were in February 2020. Meetings were held at Loogootee High School, Bedford Middle School and Jasper Middle School. The meetings were held in an open house format with a project presentation. Project Team members were at multiple stations to answer questions and questionnaires were available online and in person. Click here to review meeting materials.

The first public information meetings were in August 2019. Meetings were held at Washington High School, Springs Valley High School in French Lick and Jasper High School. The meetings were held in an open house format with a short project presentation. Project Team members were at multiple stations to answer questions and comment forms were available. Click here to review meeting materials.


Regional Issues Involvement Team Meetings (RIITS)

Four Regional Issues Involvement Teams have been formed in the project study area. These teams consist of key stakeholders representing general regions of the project study area (southcentral, northeast, northcentral and northwest).

Each regional team meets in advance of key project milestones: purpose and need/preliminary alternatives meetings, alternatives screening process meetings, the public hearings and release of the combined FEIS/ROD.

Ad Hoc Stakeholder Meetings

Over the past several years, many groups have developed an interest in this project. Requests for special meetings are expected, and the consultant team will be responsive to these requests throughout the study process. When appropriate, the consultant team will proactively invite stakeholder groups to meet to exchange information and ideas.

Working Alignment Meetings

The Tier 1 EIS will not identify an exact alignment, but rather an alignment corridor. “Working alignments” will be developed for each detailed alignment to estimate the environmental, social and economic impacts that would likely occur if the project was constructed in the corridor. Working Alignment meetings include project planners and engineers proactively communicating with major commercial property owners that might be directly impacted by a working alignment, either through property taking or access/traffic rerouting.

Public Hearings

Following appropriate public notice, public hearings on the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) will be held in well-known and easily-accessible locations in the study area. Local officials’ briefings will be held at the local project office in the afternoon in advance of each evening public hearing.

Civic Organization Presentations

The Project Team is available to provide project update presentations to local civic organization throughout the project study area. Click here to submit a presentation request.

Resource Agency Coordination Meetings

Coordination meetings are held with several local, state and federal resource and permitting agencies. Coordination also includes the Evansville Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), Bloomington-Monroe County MPO and other regional planning organizations at key decision points during development of the draft EIS, in accordance with the INDOT-FHWA Indiana Division Streamlined Environmental Impact Statement Procedures (Sept. 2007).

Local Project Office

Vincennes University, Jasper Campus
Center for Technology, Innovation and Manufacturing (CTIM), Room 202
850 College Ave.
Jasper, IN 47546

Office Hours
The project office is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET and by appointment. Call 812-482-3116 to schedule an appointment.

CTIM Exterior

ADA and Limited English Proficiency (LEP) Stakeholders

The project team is committed to ensuring all have the opportunity to participate as part of the public involvement process.  The project team will perform due diligence in providing and/coordinating accommodation for persons with disabilities requiring auxiliary aids or services such as sign language interpretation and alternative formatted materials.

Persons and/or groups representing persons of Limited English Proficiency (LEP) requiring support services related to accessing project information and participating in the public involvement process, are encouraged to contact the project team for the coordination of support services.

Should accommodation be required, please contact David Goffinet at 812-893-0642 or